Sunday, August 25, 2013

Time Will Tell

There are those who look at video games as a waste of time.  This is an interesting concept because anything  you do could be construed as a waste of time.  A man who spends 5 hours to mow his lawn with a push mower could be considered wasting time when there are riding power mowers which could finish the job in an hour, or the parents who encourage their son to practice Basketball even though the odds of him becoming professional are pretty slim.  The whole thing could be subjective to the way a person was raised to how they are currently living to dozens of other variables.  For the next while I'm going to find playing Eve a bit more of a waste of time.  *gasp*  The reason being is I'm currently working on finishing up my Bachelors in Software Engineering and the semester starts tomorrow.

I bring this up because of this blog, during the summer I had time to spend writing posts or doing research on some of the things I wrote about.  Based on the difficulty of my classes I may not have as much time to do those things.  Writing is also something that can take me quite a while to do.  I've noticed some of my posts take me several hours to write (I'm not going to include the exploration guide, because that took quite a long time.)  Depending on the difficulty of my classes, I'll see where my time lies to allow playing Eve and writing on this blog.

Since writing on this blog is something I do for fun, it will fall towards the back burner based on what comes up.  My Eve time has also drifted off a bit as the semester has come closer, but I hope to still get on regularly. 

Now, while some of my other posts may be lessened, I'm still going to be updating "Signals in the Void" weekly.  I've always wanted to write a story and I fear if I put it off, it may stumble and die like some of the other stories I've tried writing.  So if I post up anything during the week, it should be that.

I'd also like to thank those of you who bother to read any of my mish-mashed ramblings.  While the blog is something I do for fun, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy readership increasing.  

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  1. Just like Stay Frosty, do what you can, when you can. No-one will hold it against you if you never posted again (except you ofc ;) ).

    I hope you keep up the story though.