Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ransom Adventures

So I had the opportunity to try out my pirating skills.

Warp scramble attempt to (Capsule)Some Guy

This chat invitation is subject to a CSPA service charge of 2,950 ISK, which you must accept to complete the invitation.
According to the CONCORD Spam Prevention Act, all communication initiations between parties that have not explicitly white listed each other through the use of an access control list shall be subject to a configurable service fee which shall be collected by the Fluid comm operator.

Draiv Solregard > hey there friend
(Some Guy) > hi
Draiv Solregard > I noticed your warp engines failed to start
Draiv Solregard > for a few iskies I could get them running
(Some Guy) > I noticed that I don't have a ship any more
Draiv Solregard > yeah that can happen in low sometimes
Draiv Solregard > no worries, I'm sure you're resourceful
(Some Guy) > ah, thank you
Draiv Solregard > so what'd you say to 1 mISK
Draiv Solregard > and I'll get those engines runnin
(Some Guy) > if I had it , I would love to help you out there
Draiv Solregard > hmmm
Draiv Solregard > what about 1 kISK
(Some Guy) > I have 200k isk
Draiv Solregard > and a joke
Draiv Solregard > so 1000 ISK and a joke
(Some Guy) > Why did Draiv let (Some Guy) go?
Draiv Solregard > why?
(Some Guy) > because he is a really cool guy
[Player Donation:  1,000.00 ISK]
Draiv Solregard > works for me
Draiv Solregard > o7 and fly safe
(Some Guy) > the best I had in such a shot time
(Some Guy) > ty
Draiv Solregard > might want to skidadle before someone else comes along
(Some Guy) > thanks again
Draiv Solregard > np

Overall I thought the encounter went pretty well, but maybe I'm doing it wrong.

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