Sunday, August 18, 2013

CSM 8's "Reasonable Things"

The last little while CSM 8 has been working on representing player ideas to CCP.  I find this useful because of how vast Eve is, sometimes (most of the time) developers and players are not on the same page.  Developers are always looking to the future and working on the latest features, whereas players are living in the here and now.  One sees the game as what it could be, the other most often sees the game as it is now.  When you have an MMO which constantly has change in its process, a lot of areas get pushed under the rug.

Now while the CSM and the players worked to compile this list of 1363 ideas, after which they then narrowed it down to 99 which Eve players could then vote on.  I understand this was kind of a rush job and was intended to be done before the August summit and it occurred during a very busy time for several CSM members. 

But I'd recommend they do this "Reasonable Things" twice a year in preparation for each summit.  The reason is the summits give a lot of good info on what the future expansion will hopefully contain.  Some of the ideas which were voted on, were already being addressed in some manner which was later revealed after the voting, and so it would be nice to see changes get implemented and then have a chance to rethink the issues and revote again based on whether I'm sufficiently satisfied with the changes which were revealed.  Though you may only need to do the idea collection part once a year.

Also plan for a lot more time to weed out duplicates or combine very similar ideas.  I noticed quite a few of those in the list.  Not sure if it would have made too much difference in how the voting turned out, but it is nice to have things organized more efficiently.

I chose to vote on 15 items, but unfortunately only one of mine made it in the top 10 when all the votes were compiled.  These were the items which I thought were important:  91, 54, 04, 08, 14, 57, 67, 03, 42, 83, 13, 88, 28, 45, 24.

But the top 10 items which were supported were:

1.       15:  In addition to ‘Log Off’ and ‘Quit Game’, add a button to take you directly to the character selection screen.
(I can see the appeal of this, but I have my launcher open so I just exit and re-launch.)

2.       33:  Corp and Alliance logos printed on the sides of ships.
(This would be interesting, but I really wouldn't care until we can import our own logos.  After which it would be more of a hassle for CCP because of the need to moderate the complete abuse players would make of the system.)

3.       99:  Provide a Fleet Bonus Information Tab to the Fleet Management Interface.
(Providing more information which is usually always a good idea.)

4.       22:  Status indicator to show you when you’re inside a warp bubble.
(Another provide more information or clearer information concept.)

5.       84:  Abandoned Unfueled POS can be unanchored.
(Would add more to the scavenger profession, and allow individual active players a better way to deal with unfueled POS's.)

6.       29:  Expand skill queue window to 48 or 72 hours.
(I only see this as useful when you need to queue up 500 skills because you started a new character or you are trying something new.  If you want to queue up all those skills because you're going to be gone, it would be better to just choose a really long skill to train.  After you get past the initial hurdle you'd need to extend the queue to a week or even a month to get any good use out of it.)

7.       53:  Add visual cone shape showing current D-scan area both in map and in space.
(More information is nice, but if you press F11 it will bring up a mini solar system map which shows you a green cone shape and direction your d-scan is currently pointing.)

8.       02:  Remove pointless extraneous requirements such as having to leave your ship and pause your skill queue before jump cloning can take place. This should be done automatically as part of the clone jump process.
(This makes sense, but there is probably a programming obstacle in the way the system works which would prevent this.)

9.       95:  Store Overview/Client settings server-side so player do not need to re-set overview settings every time they log in from a new machine.
(While it would be nice, I would only use this with a new computer.  I rarely log in from another computer and if I'm going to do that I just copy my settings which are located in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_program_files_(x86)_ccp_eve_tranquility\setting.)

10.   13:  Killmails to also show Logistic pilots, if they rep the person that did the damage/killing blow.
(A highly needed addition to support logistic pilots, and also to provide more information.)

I look forward to participating in the next one.  (Hopefully there will be a next one.)

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