Sunday, October 20, 2013

ISK, At What Cost?

Just a heads up, that "Signals in the Void" is postponed a little as I've had a heavy workload and a few health issues I'm dealing with.  I do plan to resume it hopefully here in the near future.

On another note I was thinking of a curious idea I've seen in Eve.  It deals with a long infiltration into a corporation; time-wise taking around a year to work your way up into the proper positions and access roles.  Along the way you continue training your character and hang out and do things with people who come to call you friend.

Monday, October 14, 2013

BB#50 The Harbinger Is Coming

Welcome to the continuing monthly EVE Blog Banters and our 50th edition! For more details about what the blog banters are visit the Blog Banter page.

* * * * *

With the Rubicon expansion being announced and the SOMER Blink scandals (or non-scandals depending on your point of view) that have erupted on the community at the same time, it truly feels like an age of EVE has passed and a new one is dawning.

But which direction is it going? This blog banter can be about several different topics: 
- where do you think EVE is going? Is it a good or bad vision ahead?
- if you were EVE's new Executive Producer, where would you take the game?
- What comes (or should come) after Rubicon in terms of the mechanics and ship balancing we've seen? (CSM8 not allowed to answer this one!)
- Is there anything in EVE's ten year past that should be resurrected? Or buried and forgotten?
- What is the future of the community? What should or should not change?

(Though I like a lot of these questions, and my original plan was to address a few.  While I was writing, it seems I focused heavily on one in particular.  Maybe I'll get around to the others eventually.)

Monday, October 7, 2013

To Arms My Brothers!

As you may well know CCP has done it again with public relations.  They've managed to ruffle a vocal part of the community and as such pitchforks and torches have been raised.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rubicon's Assault

This is the second part of my thoughts dealing with the upcoming winter expansion Rubicon.

CCP does expansions twice a year, some blow players out of the water while others are a little lackluster.  There is always a lot of controversy when it comes to the expansions with a lot of play styles feeling "cheated".  This causes dissent among the subscribers upon which "bitter" becomes a tossed around adjective.  While CCP has adopted a newer model and approach to their development and are looking to cover all the areas of play over multiple expansions instead of just one play style per expansion; I predict there is going to be a more widespread effect of "being cheated" among players.  While newer pilots might not feel the effects as harshly, I'm guessing a lot of "bitter" vets out there are used to a big awe inspiring feature for a specific type of play.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Signals in the Void 19

("Signals in the Void" is a character fan fiction story revolving around my adventures in exploration.)

It was a new thing for Jimmy holding an assault rifle, and though it felt almost like holding one of the welding or salvaging lasers the feel of it made him less uneasy.  Moving to catch up to the other mercenaries, Jimmy overhears Blake discussing their options when they get to the jammer drone.  The tone of the conversation didn't sound promising and checking equipment and weapons the rest of the mercenaries move forward with Jimmy following in the rear wondering if they have a plan.