Monday, October 7, 2013

To Arms My Brothers!

As you may well know CCP has done it again with public relations.  They've managed to ruffle a vocal part of the community and as such pitchforks and torches have been raised.

I wasn't going to comment on this over-reaction, because quite frankly it's silly.  

There are certain situations when one must raise the pitch forks, there are others where crying wolf too many times may cause a problem when something serious does happen.  

So I got to thinking, and I figured out how CCP can smooth this whole thing over and make everyone happy.  A complete server wipe, that's right you heard me!  CCP should just reset everyone's skill points to 0, confiscate all ships and ISK, and move everyone back to the starting zones!  Now everyone is equal, CCP can start over and put in place a rule where they never give anything to anyone.  If they did, it's OK because another condition of putting everyone on equal footing is to do a server wipe once a year.  That way all the new people who join Eve can start out the same as everyone else.  

Edit:  One of these days CCP will be pushed too far over something too silly.

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