Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Signals in the Void 14

("Signals in the Void" is a character fan fiction story revolving around my adventures in exploration.)

Planning a route to the drone which is emitting jamming frequencies is proving to be more difficult than Blake had hoped.  While he's happy Jimmy traced the source of the signals, the unfortunate part  is the location happens to be a few floors down.  From what Blake's forward scouts are telling him, the main pathways to that location are either sealed or have a high number of drones coming from those directions.  Counting the munitions which remain, the Dust mercenaries are lacking sufficient firepower to make a frontal assault.

Their best course of action would be to take a more indirect route where they can come up toward the area from below.  Making his decision Blake barks orders to the remaining mercenaries and salvage crew members to ready their last line of defense.  Moving swiftly toward the exit, Blake orders two assault troopers and a logistics expert to accompany him on this strike mission.  Having each member grab a satchel of explosives, the gang boss Frank inquires as to how Blake is going to get through a lot of the station doors.

Holding up the explosives Blake shrugs, shaking his head Frank calls Jimmy over giving him a few orders and sends him off.  As Frank explains about the station doors and how they're built to withstand explosions and massive amounts of mistreatment, Jimmy returns carrying a make shift pack and a large cylinder on his back.  Blake begins shaking his head, but Frank continues to argue that the mission will have a better chance of success if they're not reduced to spending so much time blasting through every door they come across and with Jimmy's skills he should be able to jury rig the battery to open the doors for a minute or two as they moved toward their destination.

Motioning with his arm, Blake begins heading out the exit hoping Jimmy understood his odds of coming back were pretty slim.  Moving down the corridor and passing the front sentries it appears the drones have fallen back for a bit and they have a time of calm to get as far as they can without the drones noticing.  Weaving their way around a few of the larger piles of metal slag which had been drones trying to get through, Blake un-holsters his  assault rifle and begins to jog down the corridor to the first set of station doors impeding their route.

As they arrive at the doors, Blake motions to Jimmy to do his thing.  Nervously stepping forward Jimmy un-slings the battery from his back and sets it down next to the door controls.  Pulling out a type of crowbar he wedges it behind the panel and pops it out with it dangling by the various control wires.  Gaining confidence Jimmy reaches into the hole while the mercenaries keep an eye out for anything which might want them dead.  Finding what he's looking for, Jimmy pulls out a length of cable the size of his thumb, in less than a minute he has cut the cable attached an adapter and has it hooked up to the battery.  Pulling the dangling control panel towards him, Jimmy enters in a series of numbers and the large fifteen foot doors slide open.

Seeing no danger the mercenaries move ahead as Jimmy collects his things and follows them through the door.  Looking back the way they had come, Jimmy pulls the power cable and watches as the doors slam shut severing the cable which he had dragged through, and wonders just exactly what he has gotten himself into.

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