Thursday, August 15, 2013

Signals in the Void 12

("Signals in the Void" is a character fan fiction story revolving around my adventures in exploration.)

The reports from Blake's forward scouts state the drones which they are encountering seem to be scouts themselves.  They aren't deadly but are made for fast movement and seem to be gathering intelligence about the structure of the walls.  The scouts report their attempts to shut down the drones but a few are slipping by.

Blake orders a few troops wearing scout class power suits to go and take out the ones slipping by hoping their enhanced speed and stealth will allow them to quickly terminate the scout drones before they gather anything valuable.  Even though the architecture of the area which everyone is in was built to withstand the constant pressures of this airlock, Blake doesn't want them to somehow discover a way in which he can't keep guarded.

While in the middle of positioning his troops, Blake is interrupted by the gang boss Frank who informs him of the emergency communications array they have is failing to connect with the regions network.  Frustrated at the setback, Blake calls over one of his logistics operators and leaves him to deal with Frank.

Asking for an update on their munitions from another logistics soldier, Blake continues to plan out their defense of this area.  As the report comes in on his troops munitions his frown deepens as the quantities are not nearly as high as they should be.  This changes everything around and lowers their ability to engage freely, they may even have to improvise some other defensive weapons from the salvaging tools scattered about.  But he's not paid if he doesn't keep the salvage teams alive, on the plus side it's been awhile since his troops have been challenged.

Walking back over to Frank and his logistics soldier, Blake finds out they are being jammed, and will be unable to use any high powered  communications while it is going on.  Crossing his arms in frustration he begins thinking on how they're going to contact help for evacuation when he feels someone tap his shoulder.  Turning around he sees the kid he shoved towards the exit earlier and upon closer inspection it's not a kid just a really young looking guy.  Blake begins telling him everything is going to be fine when Jimmy holds up a zoomed in 3D schematic of the station on a view screen.  Jimmy explains he had overheard them talking about the jamming signal and he decided to trace it to the source.

Taking a closer look at the map, Blake sees the location of whatever is disrupting their communication signal is fairly close.  Clapping Jimmy on the shoulder Blake begins to form up a strike team, because from what his scouts are reporting about the movements of the drones; they don't have very much time.

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