Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Signals in the Void 8

("Signals in the Void" is my attempt at an in character fan fiction revolving around my adventures in exploration.)

The first few days of our exploration of this station had everybody pretty high strung.  Now that a few days have passed the crew's fatigue is starting to show, not to mention our supplies are running low.  I hadn't planned on remaining at this site for more than a couple of days at most but with how things are looking we'll be here longer than we already have been.  Usually everything is in such a state of disrepair which renders the salvage of valuable components fairly easy.  But this station is in remarkable condition for its age and the composition scans show plenty of areas with high value data or salvage. 

One of the main issues that my crew has run in to, have been access to areas of the station.  They are having to regularly bypass systems and reroute power to move deeper into the station.  My crew has proven to be quite cunning in what they have come up with to overcome these obstacles.  With the little they've managed to recover thus far, they have more than paid for the costs of getting here and if things continue to look good they will even earn a bonus.

With their supplies starting to run low it seems I'm going to have to make a trip to one of the market hubs a few jumps away to purchase more.  As we're also more familiar with what we need I can also pick up some more specialized equipment which will hopefully speed up the process.

Captain Erhan and I have a discussion on how we should approach our resupply, and come to an agreement that we can leave the science and salvage teams to continue working, considering everything has been calm.  Giving orders to the crew and designating a command hierarchy, I swing my Arbitrator around and begin navigation calculations to the nearest market hub.

Luckily there is one only a couple days round trip which will leave us plenty of wiggle room for the remaining supplies which the teams are using.  Entering warp I let my mind wander and start reviewing that distress signal we received earlier.  It seems to be well encrypted and the member of my crew who was working on it, was only able to clean up the digital noise that was clinging to the transmission.  I'm hoping to have this encryption cracked by the time we return with supplies, the information it contains could prove most useful in identifying other areas that we could salvage.

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