Thursday, July 4, 2013

Battle Rush

The combat of Eve is vastly different from other MMO's, and it is very punishing in that you lose a ship if you screw up and that ship might be pretty expensive.  I believe this is a main cause for the adrenaline rush that happens when you engage another pilot.  Because you have vested time/effort/ISK in thinking of which ship to fly, skills to train, and the overall approach which you want to take with a certain fit which you want to try out.  There is a lot invested in a ship and when it all is put on the line one can't help but feel a rush to see whether you win or lose.  The reason is because of the consequence, if you lose, your ship is gone and it will not respawn, it will not pass go and collect 200 ISK (unless you insured it).

Something I'm still learning to control/handle is this adrenaline rush that happens.  Quite a few times I get so excited that I forget little things that may have turned the tide.  I could have overheated my microwarpdrive to escape a disrupter, or have my tracking computer going when I have my tracking speed disrupted.  These types of little things can really change the outcome of a fight.  Not only that but if you overheat, you have to pay attention to your modules or you will burn them out.

Take for example my encounter in this fight.  I warp into the plex thinking I was going up against a kiting Executioner and I'm using a kiting type Punisher fit and thought I stood a chance.  Well when I land on grid the Executioner is within 2000 meters of me.  Since I had everything pre-overheated I hit orbit and activated my microwarpdrive only to have it deactivated and watch as I slow to a crawl.  Since I'm stuck and not going anywhere thinking I'm going to die I attempt to break free of his web and disrupter so that I can escape.  Meanwhile we're having a good back and forth shooting contest, as we both break through shields I figure I actually have a chance!  I start shooting into his armor and his massive damage slows to a crawl against my buffer.  As my lasers continue to fire I notice that his armor starts repairing (uh-oh) and I resume my attempts to escape.  I somehow managed to break free of his disrupter and activate my microwarpdrive intent on escaping.  So the adrenaline is flowing and escape is the only thing on my mind but as I approach 15 kilometers away his armor stops repairing.  Flipping my ship around to get back within optimal so that I can finish him off, after this he went down pretty quick.

During the last bit of the fight I was spamming my warp out button and because of the excitement I almost missed finishing this guy off.  It was a really good fight but his armor repper didn't outlast my armor buffer.

So thinking back on a lot of my fights I either could have escaped or actually won had I a bit more situational awareness.  So this is just one more thing to improve upon, hopefully it gets better with time.

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  1. Really enjoyed catching up with your thoughts on eve during my lunch hour at work.
    Keep up the good work.
    Also hope to get a chance to fly with you sometime.