Sunday, July 7, 2013

Centralized Blog List Ramblings

As I have just started jumping into a more social scene that is blogging, I may not know all the ins and outs of how one participates, quite frankly I usually avoid any type of social media.  (I have yet to make a Facebook account)  This blog is one of the first, if not the first thing I've actually put publicly available on the internet.  So I think it goes without saying that I have no knowledge of how this social media age which we live in is supposed to function.  Lately there has been a bit of a to-do about some of the references to blogging, and how the Eve community needs to stay together.  While we may want to live in a pipe dream, this is after all the internet.

When I first started looking at blogs for Eve it was actually when I came across some guides by Jester.  Since Eve Online is a vastly complicated game which needs research out of game to grasp concepts quickly, I sought out the vast sea which is the internet for answers.  Low and behold the internet provided answers, now Jester probably wasn't the first place I visited for there are many others which I also use for sources and information.  (Maybe I'll make a list sometime.)  But he came to mind and he also writes a blog.  Since I was already visiting his site for his guides, I figured I'd take a peek at what he posts on the first page.  Upon finding his posts interesting, I turned to looking for other Eve oriented blogs.

This is when I found the "Eve Blog Pack" picture on his page leading to that list of bloggers.  Finding several blogs on that pack which I liked helped move me more into creating my own blog.  But when I first looked at that list my impression was "wow, this is really useful and since this is the blog pack it must be kept updated with current things", upon which I found the pack was in need of an update because several of the blogs are discontinued.  So I searched for a more updated list of blogs.  This is where I find evebloggers and was excited to find a larger selection of blogs only to discover that it too was in need of some serious updating.   

Now I'm of the opinion that, the internet being what it is, does not need a core central location for any specific community.  With the internet, we do not need to travel vast distances and spend many months getting to ye olde hidden monk temple.

I do however support any initiative that helps make an address book per se which points to things related to Eve Online, this "address book" can even point to other "address books" to keep things even better connected.  Most bloggers have a list of blogs which they read (look to the right), and those bloggers have their own list which also point to others.  While this works it does take a while to traverse the vast sea of the internet.  An organized list that can give a more comprehensive summation of all things Eve works better, but it shouldn't be the only one that exists.  Kind of like an expensive put all your eggs in one basket, if it goes down it just might hurt a little bit.

I see no need to drive the community apart by pledging loyalty to any system, this isn't Faction Warfare and there are no loyalty points given out, we do after all; all play Eve.

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