Thursday, July 18, 2013

A New Skill Plan

I have finally finished training the skills that I want which use the attributes of Intelligence and Memory.  Now I can move back over into combat skills and start training a bunch of those up.  What I have currently done is break the skills up into groups e.g. projectiles, hybrids, etc... to allow me a more organized view of the combat skills which I will want to eventually train.  I look at all these skills and realize there's a lot of time ahead of me to reach my end goal, which at the moment goes up to cruisers. 

Since I started a little over a year ago, I only ever wanted to fly Amarrian ships and use lasers.  While these will always be my favorite, I have realized that it would also be good to be able to fit other types of ships and weapon systems for PvP.  Since I started looking into the PvP aspect of the game about two months ago I started to look at more and more ships which I would want to fly and try out.  These expanded from only Amarrian ships into some of the other races and even into the pirate faction ships.

One personal rule I live by in Eve is that I fly what I want to fly (which mostly ends up being based on how the ship looks).  I don't fly a ship just because the current meta has it labeled as overpowered, I especially hate it when I seek advice for a ship fitting featuring Amarrian ships and lasers and get told to just fly something else (can apply to an racial ship or weapon type).  When I start flying stuff which I don't like, I stop liking the game, after which I wonder why I'm playing a game I don't like.

While currently I am unable to fit any other weapon systems besides lasers and torpedos, I do have most of the racial ships up to at least IV.  But looking at pirate ships, those actually give bonuses for cross training.  I found the Ashimmu and thought, "Now that's one good looking ship, I want one of those".  After which I looked at the bonuses and saw that it received bonuses for using Amarr cruisers, it also gains bonuses for having Minmatar cruisers.  I expect I will eventually end up training both to V, and while I am not planning on flying any Minmatar cruisers, I want the skill because it benefits something I like. 

The same thing applies when I saw the Cynabal, I really liked how the ship looks only to discover that it uses medium projectiles, heck, I don't even have small projectiles trained.  A dislike for the other weapon systems is not something I harbor, but the reality of the situation is that I never thought about training them, because I had only looked at tech I Amarrian ships.  Moving through the ship catalog has opened up more options, and as such I wish to be able to use them.  Which means diversifying my weapon repertoire; now to figure out how ammo works.

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