Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Signals in the Void

("Signals in the Void" is my attempt at an in character fan fiction revolving around my adventures in exploration.)

There are many choices that we make in our past, many of which lead us to our current profession.  Some choices are made for us by others, some are consequences for actions committed earlier.  The only thing to wonder is if you can continue living with your past.  Having switched professions and ideologies over the years I tend to have this self evaluation more often than others.  Past choices have been made, the only thing I can do is affect the future. 

My computer breaks me out of my current musings with a notification that it has identified an unknown signature in the system.  Bringing my full attention to bear I begin the procedure of performing basic diagnostics of the surrounding area.  Checking to make sure my sub-warp course remains uninterrupted and that there is nothing in close proximity that could break my cloak.  I begin narrowing down where this unidentified signature is located.  Ah, interesting, it seems that it is located in the vicinity of planet three.  Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be some asteroid that's floated away from the belts in the system.  Though I have dabbled in mining in the past it proves to be of little reward when you perform the function in low security space. 

Low security space is an interesting area because the empires have expanded perhaps a little too quickly and the end result is this area of space where they have trouble exerting their control.  Though they claim sovereignty of these systems it is mostly just in name.  But even with the lack of quick response fleets to repel invaders we have people who will still colonize and live in these systems.  Who can blame them really, there is a pretty credit to be earned in these areas.  Hence why I'm busy micromanaging my scanning probes in search of this mysterious signature near planet three.

Success!  It seems I have picked up a large structure on par with the size of a normal station.  Quickly checking my database to make sure, I am able to verify that this station is indeed unlisted.  On top of that there doesn't even seem to be any record of this station in the database.  This could be a very interesting day indeed.  Changing my course so that I head home I make a call to Captain Erhan to prep my Arbitrator and get the crew on board and waiting.  I give Captain Erhan a brief rundown on what I find and request that he get the proper modifications and modules installed so we lose as little time as possible.  Though I am able to pilot my Anathema solo, larger ships require more attention than I can handle, because technically....I am still human. 

I could easily get to the site in my current ship but I might not have the necessary tools to take advantage of getting there first.  In the game of exploring, getting to the site is half the battle the other part is staying alive long enough to find something worthwhile.  Staying alive is even more essential in low security space, because for some reason you draw all sorts of attention, like moths to a flame.

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