Saturday, May 18, 2013

Practicing My Yarhar

When I started this blog I had considered some options in what I would write about.  I'm pretty sure 100% of those options entailed some sort of pve like missioning or exploration with occasional forays into low or null sec to do some of these pve activities with a greater risk for running into other players.  I'll be honest, if I did run into any other players we certainly wouldn't sit down and have a cup of tea.  The end result would probably be me shipping up in a new ship while a bunch of you started hemorrhaging at the kill mail.  

Awhile back I had looked into joining a pvp centered corp, and one that I looked at was having a big recruitment push and I thought it looked interesting and was thinking about applying....until I read the requirements to even apply.  It seemed like serious business was to be had and that you needed to be an elite pvper to even apply.  Well I wouldn't fit into that type of group, considering at the time my pvp experience amounted to jumping through a gate and dying in a fire. 

So pvp was not at the top of my list of activities to start out with.  But even though I hadn't considered it as one of my main objectives it was still floating around in the back of my mind.

Though I have a bit more pvp experience now, I would still like to get better at it.  So earlier this week while reading through my blog list I ran across the new Stay Frosty pirate corp that Rixx Javix over at Eveoganda has started. 

Seeing as how the requirements to join amounted to keeping your word and are you learning/improving (he uses "Don't Suck" as a guideline) I figured I could accomplish that.  So apply I did and have now entered the adventures of pirating.

Stay Frosty is currently in open recruitment until the Odyssey expansion on June 4th.  So if you have played for a few months and have considered piracy go ahead and apply.  Oh, and if you've lived in hi-sec your whole life make sure to turn your safety off.

Now for the fun and glorious process of moving everything to a new base of operations.  I just hope it's not like my normal travel preparations where I know I'm forgetting something only to arrive at the airport without my luggage.  XD  

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