Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Signals in the Void, 2

("Signals in the Void" is my attempt at an in character fan fiction revolving around my adventures in exploration.)

Captain Erhan closed his connection with the capsuleer Draiv Solregard and opened comms to where they had their crew stationed.  Listing off several groups of people who were to make their way to the hanger and prep the cruiser class Arbitrator for flight.  Turning to another part of the console he brought up a three dimensional image of the cruiser which Draiv had requested to be modified.  He began going through the current fitting and started to make the necessary changes.  As he worked to make sure the ship's processor and power grid could handle the installation of new systems he periodically checked the progress of the crew to make sure things stayed on task. 

Having completed his work, all he could do was wait for things to be taken care of.  Stepping away from the console he made his way towards the door.  Running through a mental checklist of the food supplies, mechanics, engineers, and science members who would participate in this investigation.  Captain Erhan paused in the doorway debating on whether or not to add "that" group of people to this mission.  Deciding that he might as well, he moved back to the console and made a quick call to a different area to get in touch with Blake. 

Blake was in charge of the small contingent of mercenaries which Draiv had contracted.  The mercenaries were to provide infantry support and protection in various operations.  There was a slight problem, they weren't normal in a sense.  They were a new breed of mercenary, Dust Mercs they've been called.  Not knowing why that name was chosen, the mercenaries have an almost complete disregard for death.  Some have jokingly referred to them as "Dust Bunnies", maybe for the fact that even though you have swept them away, they will come back.  Each one of them keeps dozens of clones on hand at any given time.  When they are killed their memories, knowledge, wisdom are all transported to a new clone.  With the technology that is able to support this, a Dust mercenary may die several times in one day.  But that is what makes them so unnerving to be around.  

Even though they are unable to fit clone vats on the cruiser class ship.  Having a few mercenaries along may prove beneficial all the same.

Now things were set, moving quickly to finish his own preparations for the expedition.  He was interested to see what Draiv had found.  Space stations were a common occurrence, but to find one unregistered and abandoned of all things.  This station could bring in an excellent profit because there is still old technology out there from the collapse of the Eve Gate that goes for a pretty credit. 

Getting excited at the prospect of finding something new.  Captain Erhan overlooked an important question.  This station has been located in known space for a long time, why has it appeared on scanners now?

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