Sunday, May 12, 2013

And So It Begins

Having played EVE now for just over a year (part of which was playing skill queue online during a rough semester of school) I have delved deeper into the world of EVE and the many opportunities that it has to offer.  As I have moved around and touched a little bit here and a little bit there, the different aspects of what makes EVE a great game come further into focus.  There are many things out there that I could explore further and with everything being as open ended as it is I can define what I want to do.  One of the aspects of EVE that I find enjoyable are the various blogs that are out there.  You get all sorts of perspectives from pirates to mission runners, miners to gankers and everything far and in-between.  It has been a most enjoyable process to see the many adventures of people playing in the New Eden landscape.

Which gave me this totally 100% original idea...I could make a blog about what I do!  But then suddenly something dark and sinister approaches of which I shall refer to as "EVE Creep".  I began to doubt the validity of this venture.  Should I play EVE?  Did I have enough experience playing EVE?  Are my writing skills sufficient?  Do I have sufficient knowledge of the inner workings of the game to post something on the internet?  Have I done anything interesting that people would like to read about?  For those of you who are unable to see the pattern of these questions and a disease that seems to permeate the EVE universe.  To which I refer to as "EVE Creep" which is the constant inhibition to do certain things for lack of certain skills.  I realized that I play this game to have fun and that I should do things that I find enjoyable.  The only thing impeding me from doing something are the minimum skills, ISK, and the guts to make that next jump.  So by-gum if I want to drop a bomb, I get the skills, gather the ISK, and make that journey to null sec.  If I forget to warp away and fly right into my bomb's explosion radius with my microwarpdrive active, I chalk one up for Darwin (or blame TIDI), reship, rinse and repeat or do something else.  There's plenty to do and a whole universe to do it in, why should I wait ten months to have the skills to do it perfectly?

Thus I decided to create this blog to further my own amusement.  If you happen to be entertained by my shenanigans so much the better, if the things that happen cause you to convulse violently because they are not done "right/perfectly/optimally" I'd suggest seeing a doctor, they have medication for that.

We'll see how long my attention lasts.


  1. As a fellow journeyer through the depths of "Eve Creep", thanks for your thrust and push. I'm going to go and just enjoy my game now, even if I get blown up.

  2. Doing things perfectly, everyone in EVE has to do things optimally, perfectly... if I remove this mining laser upgrade for some more tank because I don't want to get ganked... I lose 3mil per hour... As if this damn game is our job! Go forth, blow things up, I'm interested to see where you land :D.