Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pirate? Carebear? Pirbearate!

Something I've noticed about my killboard is that it contains a lot of losses.  Eve online is one of those games where people devote a huge amount of focus to being efficient.  One of those ways is comparing your killboard by the amount of destroyed ISK versus the amount you lose.  While there are loop holes to the system, it works reasonably well.  What I like about Stay Frosty is that we aren't focused right now on having a good killboard with high efficiency.  While it is a goal for all members to work towards, not because it is mandatory or required but because it gives a good indication of how well you are improving.  If a good killboard was required I wouldn't be in the coolest pirate corporation around.  The reason for this is that I am a "carebear" and players do not react the same way NPC's do.  Unless something happens this is what my current progression looks like.

·         The high sec carebear:
Having always preferred PvE content in games this makes for a different change of attitude for me.  Now I'm not saying I've never done PvP but that it was never a main focus.  When I started Eve, I heard how dangerous the environment was and that nowhere was safe.  On top of that being a new player I don't have hundreds of mISK lying around that I can spend on replacement ships.  So I avoided any place that looked too dangerous.  Having saved and scrounged I moved up the ship tiers until I was running level 4 missions.  As such I didn't have much interaction with other players and had no idea how one goes about attacking them.

·         The learning low sec pirate:
Currently I am learning a ton of stuff on what certain ships do, how certain weapon systems work, and how to take advantage of my opponents.  This is a huge learning cliff just like when I started playing eve.  Now, not only do I have to understand the types of ships and weapons that I use, I now have to account for all the other ships and weapons out there.  There is a lot of information to go through and it isn't easy.  But I am striving to get there, to become really good at the PvP aspect of Eve.

·         The pirate:
Self explanatory.

As you can see even when I reach stage three and have become a dastardly pirate of no little repute.  I will still be a carebear because I enjoy the PvE side of Eve as well.  The only change is that now I'm a vicious rabid carebear armed to the teeth and have no qualms about blowing you up or venturing into the lower security spaces to hunt.  

Because, after all....bears are omnivores.

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  1. I think few would deem you a carebear, even with your enjoyment of PvE.