Thursday, June 20, 2013

Funding my PvP

I have been in Stay Frosty for little over a month and in that time I have been part of kills, and I have been killed.  What's interesting is that looking at the killboard, since I joined frosty I've lost ~200 mISK in assets.  A lot of which was me derping myself trying to figure out this whole shoot other players thing.  I'm happy to notice that so far I'm losing less and less ships consistently.  Sometimes I might actually go a few fights with the same ship *gasp* but then I end up roaming space in my wonderful pod on my way to reship.  So far I've been having lots of fun and plan on continuing this lifestyle. 

The catch is that even though I may be losing less, I am still losing ships which cost ISK and now that my security status has dropped low enough that I can't putter around my favorite mission grounds I have to look for alternatives to producing enough ISK to fund my adventures.

Enter my wormhole alt that I was raising to act as scout when my brother and I were planning on moving into another wormhole after we left our last alliance due to a difference of opinion and being treated like trash.  (I may talk about that sometime.)  Well since I've already paid for this fellow I figured I would train him to do some money making activities.  One of which is industry, I thought it would be interesting to try it out and maybe even produce modules and ships for Stay Frosty at a nice discount price.

Industry is a game of numbers, luckily I don't mind numbers and in fact, I like having spreadsheets to keep track of all the various ins and outs of what is going on.  Eve online is not the first game I've used spreadsheets for, nor will it probably be the last.  But I like tinkering and getting things to match up right so I thought I'd look into this industry thing.

Starting out, I'm not looking to make vast quantities of items and as such it is most unprofitable to pick a lot of the things made in Eve.  Quantity and moving lots of product are where manufacturing makes a lot of its ISK.  I however do not have the foundation to take on such a large venture, and so I'm looking at items that I can make and then firesale for quick ISK.  I've played the market game and quite frankly it's a joke, most of the time as soon as you list an item you will be undercut and your order gets pushed down the list never to be seen again.  Not wanting to deal with this my approach is that if I can't sell it for profit to buy orders I don't make it.

In some cases I may make less than if I played that .01 ISK war, but the time I save and less hassle I experience makes doing it well worth making a little bit less.  Right now with the product I have ready to move I should be able to fund my PvP activities for another couple of months, more if I continue to lose less.  But this first turnover of product is looking really good, whereas in the future, prices will fluctuate and cause me to do some more in depth research to find new products.  As time goes on and my alt's skills improve this should become an easier process.

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