Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Signals in the Void 3

("Signals in the Void" is my attempt at an in character fan fiction revolving around my adventures in exploration.)

Having made my call to Captain Erhan, I swing the Anathema around with ease.  It is always interesting, how with a few modifications we can make ships as nimble as air, or into a tough brick.  I tend to prefer the good old tough Amarr armor over the flimsy shield technology that seems to dominate the current trends.  But there is always a balance to be struck, for my journey into low security space I will need to make sure I have just enough armor that I don't impede my maneuverability.  Even though I'll trust my armor in a fight, it's best to avoid the fight in the first place.
After I make the few more system jumps I arrive at my base of operations.  Raneilles is a good staging system for my forays into other territories.  One does not need to travel far to major trade hubs, and the low security space is right next door.  Even the capsuleer run null security space lies close by.

Docking up at the station, I request that the station manager move my capsule over to my Arbitrator's docking bay.  During the process of being unplugged and maneuvered I get in touch with Captain Erhan to find out how the preparations went.  I read over the various reports dealing with ship repairs and fittings as the captain informs me of the crew disposition towards our current find.  Seeing as how everything checks out and all systems are a go I wait patiently as the final adjustments are made so that I can plug my capsule into the Arbitrator.

It is a different experience when one plugs into a new ship.  Sensations take on an otherworldly feel.  One is able to sense further, see more, and feel the power as the ship seems to become an extension of one's own body.  As I double check systems and run diagnostics on hardware I can feel the crew beginning to work and respond to the information that I want processed.  Running one last check over the crew roster to make sure all are aboard, I smile inside to see that the Dust mercenaries are already listed.  Thinking back, it had take Erhan quite a while to get used to how capsuleers managed things.  He was quite adverse to the idea of defying death, where one person's body may die and have their consciousness transferred to another clone.  Nice to see he's warming up to the Dust bunnies a lot quicker.  I had invested a small fortune to get these mercenaries to work for me and I was going to use them.

With everything online and the crew aboard I begin undocking procedures as I help maneuver the ship to the exit. 

Leaving the station I quickly realign towards our destination system and begin revving up the warp engines.  As the crew rushes around to meet my commands, I appreciate the responsiveness that they are showing on such a perilous journey.  I just hope over the coming days or weeks they'll be able to keep their edge.  Because I can't seem to shake this feeling that we are in for a bumpy ride.

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