Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mostly Deleted Ramblings

I think Sugar brings up a subject which is interesting in it's own aspect.  Even more so when specific parts are analyzed and brought to the forefront.  Her post and the comments section got me to thinking and writing which ended in the following post...

I'd like to first start out my response by separating a few distinct words.  My goal with this is to separate some common misconceptions that have oft been presented as fact or as a reason to do something.  Depending on which or combination of these words are used, causes great confusion and leads to horribly bad decisions being made.  Some of the examples I present will probably not be well received...meh.

Hypothetically:  Is basically an idea supported by guesses, theories, or even the idea in a non-real way.  (eg.  Hypothetically if I went back in time and introduced mutated DNA into the entire infant ward of a hospital, we'd have superheroes today.)

Literally:  Is used in the context of something happening or existing.  WARNING:  Link is really depressing.   (eg. In his letter to a victim's parents, Albert Fish describes how he literally ate his victims.)

Technically:  Often appears when dealing with proved methods or principles based in fact.  (eg.  Technically the bank robbers only stole nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars and not a million which the news media reported.)

Theoretically:  This word has similar correlations to Hypothetical, but differs in that it is more grounded in fact.  Though the two words are often argued to be the exact same thing.  (eg.  Theoretically if CCP does actions X, Y, and Z their company will not go under.)

(Edit:  A couple hours pass.)

Getting to this point after re-reading arguments, several posts, theories, having done research on the web, searched forums, looked at sources justifying opinions, writing a lot of stuff and staying up too late.  It occurred to me (even though I knew it before), there are Eve players (especially veterans) who have learned and mashed numbers which they use for a foundation for whatever purpose they wish.

Tossing out anything relating to metaphors, theories, responses, questions, or examples in favor of just moving on and avoid getting caught up writing a long lengthy post which will be tossed aside as the ramblings of a crazy high-sec person and instead work on something which may actually provide help to the community.

So in conclusion of my passive aggressive pissed off post which kind of got going but enthusiasm died midway and the post was mostly thrown out.  I'll instead try to leave a poorly thought out statement which will hopefully bring someone to think about several philosophies or ideals which permeate a very vocal part of the Eve player-base.

Just because you can literally do something and your methods are technically possible, doesn't mean you can theoretically assume everyone else will hypothetically do the same thing.  Basing changes which should be made on the fact something is possible without having access to actual data proving one way or another, is a crap shoot.  But it's ok, it's easier to plan on how to chop off the legs of a walking man, instead of looking into methods which can make the crippled man walk.

But what do I know, I have an alt who does stuff in high-sec.

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