Friday, May 16, 2014

A Year Of Frost

Been awhile since I've posted or updated anything really, but I thought I'd do a sort of year in review since I started this blog.  The whole blog thing was quite fun and I didn't necessarily "quit" but more along the lines of having too many things going on that it fell to the wayside.  Even though the condition of this blog is not where I'd like it be, I am proud of what I accomplished with the time I have spent on it.

Funnily enough the blog is on my mind constantly as I play Eve and participate in various activities because I think of stuff which would either make a good blog post or would be fun to write about.  My time though has been constantly demanding other things.  I'm finishing up my Bachelors in Software Engineering, dealing with illness which keeps rebounding (it's not cancer, just a body showing more age than it should XD), large projects in Eve e.g. my Exploration and PI guides, as well as Captaining the Stay Frosty New Eden Open II Team.  There are also an assortment of other things which creep up.

From the start I have written 72 posts relating in some way to Eve Online.  I have written 2 guides, 19 "Signals in the Void" story sections, participated in 6 Blog Banters, performed 4 "Ransom Adventures" worth writing about, and an assortment of odds and ends.  Not too shabby for a first attempt (imo).  While others may scoff at the numbers; I've had ~12,500 page views during the year with my top posts being A Slice of PI, Odyssey Exploration Guide, and BB#50 The Harbinger Is Coming.

The purpose of this blog was to generate a reason for me to keep playing Eve Online.  This was when my social interaction with the players of Eve Online amounted to watching ships go by in High-sec and buying stuff from the market.  Since I played solo or with my brother, PvE content was always a quick have fun moment.  This tapered off though as the PvE content drastically takes a drop in being interesting.  (As others have mentioned that darn Damsel and her distress issues.)

During the time of indecision and the beginnings of this blog, everything drastically changed when I decided to peek out of my anti-social, hermit, shy, timid comfort zone and speak to another person in Eve.  The encounter drastically flipped the direction I was headed and I became a pirbearate.

I joined Stay Frosty with no idea what I was doing or if I would continue to stick around.  The vision and environment of Stay Frosty was exactly what I was looking for.  I found a good group of people to play with and have enjoyed my time in Stay Frosty.

Since joining, Stay Frosty has grown like a weed.  Even though considered a weed there have been many attempts to purposely stamp out and destroy its core philosophies.  Stay Frosty though is constructed from a majority of reasonable people who have influenced the corporation in one way or another.  I'm proud of those who felt Stay Frosty's beliefs were not for them and sought out greener pastures, many of whom are considered friends and still hang out in the public channels.  Corporations have different environments and principles which they are built upon; if it's not what you want there are more corporations out there to choose from.  (I'm sure there's nothing greener out there for me.)

Even though I've been in the corporation for a year the constant influx of new applicants makes it difficult to know everyone.  I'd guess most don't even know who I am and are curious as to why this pirbearate is still around.  All I can say is that Stay Frosty keeps me around, and hopefully we'll get a chance to fly together and you can laugh at my terribleness.  :D

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