Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ransom Adventure #4

So there I was sitting in space cloaked having just scanned the system and getting ready to run over and run a combat site since the system was empty when all of a sudden, dun DuN, DUN!!!!!  Real life called and I had to step away for a little while.  I return to the system to discover people in local and probes on scan.  But what's this?  There's an Astero on scan!  (Not to be confused with the Stratios which is what I did last time.)  Grabbing my trusty vengeance I zoom to the site I had scanned down previously.

[ 00:34:52 ] (notify) For initiating combat your security status has been adjusted by -0.0073.
[ 00:34:54 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from you to Astero

[ 00:35:22 ] Russian Guy > да     (yeah)
[ 00:35:27 ] Draiv Solregard > YARR MATEY, GIMMIE YER ISKIES
[ 00:36:09 ] Draiv Solregard > yarr.......?
[ 00:36:31 ] Draiv Solregard > 90,000,000 ISK I Leave
[ 00:36:50 ] Russian Guy > I didn't understand
[ 00:36:53 ] Russian Guy > денег     (money)
[ 00:36:56 ] Russian Guy > ??
[ 00:37:03 ] Russian Guy > отпусти дам     (Dam release)
[ 00:37:57 ] Draiv Solregard > 90,000,000 ISK
[ 00:38:11 ] Draiv Solregard > денег     (money)
[ 00:38:48 ] Russian Guy > остольное как отпустиш     (not let go of the rest)

*Astero Explodes*

[ 00:39:11 ] Draiv Solregard > Sorry, you took too long
[ 00:39:11 ] Russian Guy > зачем???     (why???)
[ 00:39:29 ] Draiv Solregard > you jammed me
[ 00:39:44 ] Draiv Solregard > ECM me
[ 00:39:55 ] Draiv Solregard > I no like
[ 00:40:39 ] Russian Guy > what not to be pleasant?
[ 00:41:58 ] Draiv Solregard > No, you use ECM
[ 00:43:05 ] Russian Guy > That for ECM?
[ 00:43:12 ] Draiv Solregard > Вы использовали ECM на меня, мне не понравилось     (You used the ECM to me, I did not like)
[ 00:43:59 ] Draiv Solregard > Вы могли бы сошло, разбив замок, я предпочел бы убить, чем ничего     (You could have gone, breaking the lock, I'd rather kill than nothing)
[ 00:44:28 ] Russian Guy > понятно     (clear)
[ 00:44:55 ] Russian Guy > я еще не знал что это может помоч     (I did not know that it can help)
[ 00:45:16 ] Russian Guy > а деньги я уже начал переводить     (and the money I have already started to translate)
[ 00:45:26 ] Russian Guy > так что зря     (so that nothing)
[ 00:46:59 ] Draiv Solregard > ECM-брейки захвата цели, поэтому не могу использовать дезинтегратор, и вам избежать. К сожалению, это не сработало, мне нравится ISK     (ECM-breaks target lock, so I cannot use a disintegrator, and you escape. Unfortunately, it did not work, I like to ISK)
[ 00:47:24 ] Russian Guy > понятно     (clear)
[ 00:47:46 ] Draiv Solregard > Google Translate является медленным: (     (Google Translate is slow: (
[ 00:48:19 ] Russian Guy > Факт.     (Fact.)
[ 00:48:51 ] Russian Guy > пока удачи     (until luck)
[ 00:49:10 ] Draiv Solregard > Удачи в будущем, и летать безопасно     (Good luck in the future and fly safely)
[ 00:49:23 ] Draiv Solregard > o7
[ 00:49:25 ] Russian Guy > спасибо и тебе тогоже     (thank you and same to you)

Later on as I was organizing my assets I noticed he had deposited 5 mISK into my account as an initial start.  Unfortunately during all the rush and commotion I didn't notice it.  I obviously couldn't keep it and thus logged in to refund the failed ransom.

"I just noticed you sent me 5,000,000.00 ISK right before I killed you. While not the amount I asked for (90,000,000.00 ISK). I have a code of honoring all ransoms, as this wasn't a successful ransom, I am going to refund you your ISK.

2014.02.16 00:38:36 Player Donation 5,000,000.00 ISK Russian Guy deposited cash into Draiv Solregard's account
2014.02.17 19:05:12 Player Donation -5,000,000.00 ISK Draiv Solregard deposited cash into Russian Guy's account

Good Luck and Fly Safe,

Draiv Solregard"

Strangely enough he sent a reply which I can't imagine is common.

"I didn't manage to tell you that it is the first contribution while you won't release me, the rest right after the fight termination.
But here so left.
To good luck to you and clear sky.

Russian Guy"

Yup, so in the future I need to remember Google Translate is dang slow and doesn't translate very well.  But we live and learn, such as if your ECM breaks the target lock of your opponent you might want to make a run for it.  But overall a successful learning experience as I work my way through my Piratey ways.

Current Total
Successful:   2
Failed:   2

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