Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Signals in the Void 16

("Signals in the Void" is a character fan fiction story revolving around my adventures in exploration.)

Blake leads the way down the corridor with his rifle nuzzled up to his shoulder.  He doesn't bother looking left or right because the other two assault troopers will each be watching their own side, which leave the logistics trooper to bring up the rear and keep an eye on Jimmy.  The party arrives at another set of doors, while the others keep watch and Jimmy does his jury-rigging method of opening doors; Blake consults the path to their destination on his helmet's internal display screen.  It looks like they have another long corridor and set of blast doors to deal with before they can try to make their way down the station levels.

The sound of the doors sliding open draws Blake's attention and he readies himself to go through.  Seeing the hallway empty, Blake motions for the other two assault troopers to move ahead and take up position.  Once everyone is through, Jimmy cuts power to the doors and they slide shut.  The group cautiously moves toward their next destination, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. 

Reaching their checkpoint where they will begin their descent without incident, Blake takes stock of Jimmy and is impressed he is holding up so well considering his situation.  Noticing the lack of power to the lifts, Blake orders the stairs to be taken.  As they make their way down the stairs, holes begin appearing along the walls and parts of the floor.  While not substantially large, something could come out. 

Unbeknownst to the party a small lens recessed in one of the holes, whirrs and focuses on the group and watches them move down the stairs.

Reaching the floor they need, one of the assault troopers leads the way down the hall.  Consulting his map Blake determines they only have a few more obstructions before they reach the room where the jamming signal is originating from. 

Jimmy watches from the back of the group as the lead trooper peers into a large open doorway.  In the process of giving the all clear, a large spike swings down from the ceiling inside the room and impales the assault trooper in the chest.  The trooper only has enough time to look down in shock before a few more spikes reach out and yank him through the doorway.

All Jimmy could do was stare on in shock as Blake and his fellow troopers rush to the doorway and begin firing their weapons into the room.  Once the gunfire ceases, Jimmy hesitantly moves toward the group of mercenaries. 

Blake moves into the room and comes back out holding a satchel of explosives and the trooper's assault rifle.  Tossing Jimmy the rifle, Jimmy clumsily catches it.  Looking down at the large rifle in his hands, he wonders what good it would be against the rogue drones who now knows of the group's position.

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